Part 3. DANIEL TAYLOR AND THE SCEPTER OF POWER: Vanessa’s life is in danger. Only Daniel can save her, but he’s under the spell of the demons. The Scepter of Power could seal his claim to the title of Overlord. As he searches for it, Daniel learns not only about his true origins, but also a great deal about himself. Ultimately, he has to determine which is stronger: the desire for power and respect - everything his demonic half yearns for - or his humanity?DANIEL TAYLOR is a contemporary young-adult fantasy trilogy. The story - packed with exciting adventure, emotional drama, and a momentous decision - takes place in Little Peak, a typical small town in California.For fans of Twilight, True Blood and the Vampire Diaries.Monica Davis is one of the pen names of the German writer Monika Dennerlein. Born in 1976 in Berchtesgaden, she moved to Munich after high school, where she worked for a few years as a dental technician. But she never lost her passion for writing. Since she completely devoted her time to writing, she has published 40 books and numerous e-books that regularly appear among the ranks of online bestsellers.